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IT Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Statistics show that on average, over 40% of businesses that do not have an effective IT Backup Strategy and Disaster Recovery Plan go out of business after a major loss like a fire, a break-in, a storm, or sabotage.

A reliable IT Backup System along with an effective Disaster Recovery and IT Business Continuity Plan increases your chances of recovery and protects the future of your business.

Microtrading will implement a strong IT Backup System for your business that meets your Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives.  We can cater for all scenarios and budgets offering automated on-site, off-site and high availability backup solutions. This means that in the event of a disaster you will know that your business data and computer system is safe and can be recovered in a way that enables your business to continue.

We will also work with you to formulate your Disaster Recovery and IT Business Continuity Plan. There is no reason a temporary setback should turn into a permanent failure – if you protect your business before disaster strikes.

Our Business Continuity Experts will help you create a Disaster Recovery and IT Business Continuity Plan that understands the key elements of your business which are fundamental to your operation.  We can help you get started with this right away and put together a comprehensive plan for your entire company, considering key components crucial to your recovery and establish a formal process to be followed to restore your business continuity and IT systems when a disaster occurs. Your Disaster Recovery Plan will be a comprehensive, step-by-step process for you and your staff to follow, covering such items as regular testing and validation of your IT backup system, sourcing equipment, restoring data, and all the essentials needed to restore your businesses operational capability.

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