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Mobile Device Management

We can protect your mobile devices against loss and theft, track devices, empower BYOD employees and control mobile costs. Our Mobile Device Management service protects your company data, and allows you to be more productive while retaining privacy for BYOD

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) service can help ensure that your mobile devices, whether corporate owned of BYOD, adhere to company policies and are controlled securely in a manner that meets your business needs. Our solution is robust, scalable and can be managed from anywhere in the world - all for a small monthly fee starting from just £2.50 per mobile, per month.

Our MDM service provides:

  • Visibility around device ownership and handset details
  • Location tracking
  • Remote lock, set passcode or wipe devices
  • Configure detailed security settings
  • Remote configuration of email and wifi access
  • Supports Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 devices and tablets
  • Monitor for data usage
  • Remote ring

Let us help protect your mobile devices against loss and theft, safeguarding valuable company data. Empower your employees to work quicker, more efficiently, more effectively and flexibly using the devices of their choice whilst providing secure access to company systems and data. We can also help you manage your mobile costs with asset visibility and expense management.

Don't compromise productivity or privacy for your business or staff. Call us today on 0121 784 0077 and discover how we can help you get control of your mobile devices.


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