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Microsoft choose Microtrading

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As one of the UK's top Microsoft partners, Microsoft have selected Microtrading as a case study, showcasing our commitment to developing skills and staff training. This investment ensures our customers receive the full value from their investment in Microsoft technologies.
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On Wednesday we ran the second in our series of the Secure, Productive Enterprise workshops at Adam's restaurant in Birmingham. This event focused on tackling the UK's productivity challenges and how the Cloud and Office 365 can be a significant enabler for companies of all types and sizes.
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It'll never happen to me!

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We all like to think we are invincible and not vulnerable to those reports about crime or disasters we hear on the news or read in the papers everyday. I'm a positive guy and like to believe in the best of people - that is until I got burgled and realised the simple truth that we are all susceptible to bad things happening.
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Is that email a phishing scam?

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The goal of a 'phishing' email is to gather personal information about you, generally related to your finances. The most common reason for the large number of people falling for fraudulent emails is that the phishing attempts are often so well-disguised that they escape the eyes of a busy email reader.
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Ten business owners and senior managers enjoyed great hospitality and some practical advice at our Cyber Security Workshop on 15th February. Supported by Microsoft, the attendees learned what they could and should do to help protect their companies from cybercrime and data loss.
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In recent years, many large companies have moved their servers and storage to a virtualised environment, but very few small-to-midsize businesses have followed the trend. Significant cost savings and efficiency's can be made by virtualising your IT infrastructure that make this move a must for any SMB who wants a cost effective, high performing IT system.
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Small and medium sized businesses face many challenges today, particularly things like increased mobile device use and unexpected network growth. While every business wants to grow, the problem with unplanned growth is that it can quickly turn chaotic from a technology standpoint and leave your IT system exposed.
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It's natural for owners of small-to-medium sized businesses to try and emulate the success of a competitor or like-minded entrepreneur. It's always wise to model business practices after those worth imitating, assuming you're also picking up on areas of potential weakness that you can capitalise on for a competitive gain.
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"Dedication and Investment"

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It seems like no time since we heard that we had won the award for 'Best IT Support Solutions Provider 2016 - UK' by CV Magazine, but already we have won another award! Microtrading are winners of the 'Fastest Growing Managed Service Provider 2016' award by SolarWinds.
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"Technology is the biggest problem"

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A survey of workplace irritations conducted by Samsung and reported on the BBC website earlier this week found that on average, workers lose around 30 minutes every day due to technology problems. If you employ just ten staff then this amounts to a staggering 25 hours of lost productivity per week. Can your business really afford this?
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