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In recent years, many large companies have moved their servers and storage to a virtualised environment, but very few small-to-midsize businesses have followed the trend. Significant cost savings and efficiency's can be made by virtualising your IT infrastructure that make this move a must for any SMB who wants a cost effective, high performing IT system.
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Small and medium sized businesses face many challenges today, particularly things like increased mobile device use and unexpected network growth. While every business wants to grow, the problem with unplanned growth is that it can quickly turn chaotic from a technology standpoint and leave your IT system exposed.
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It's natural for owners of small-to-medium sized businesses to try and emulate the success of a competitor or like-minded entrepreneur. It's always wise to model business practices after those worth imitating, assuming you're also picking up on areas of potential weakness that you can capitalise on for a competitive gain.
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"Dedication and Investment"

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It seems like no time since we heard that we had won the award for 'Best IT Support Solutions Provider 2016 - UK' by CV Magazine, but already we have won another award! Microtrading are winners of the 'Fastest Growing Managed Service Provider 2016' award by SolarWinds.
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"Technology is the biggest problem"

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A survey of workplace irritations conducted by Samsung and reported on the BBC website earlier this week found that on average, workers lose around 30 minutes every day due to technology problems. If you employ just ten staff then this amounts to a staggering 25 hours of lost productivity per week. Can your business really afford this?
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Gone are the days where we only need to worry about fire, theft or hardware failure taking the server down. Nowadays, downtime and data loss is far more likely to be caused by virus infection, malware attack or inadvertent user error. This means it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive backup and recovery plan to ensure that, should the worst happen, your business critical data is protected and can be recovered quickly. Read on to find out six steps to better backups and faster rec...
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Microsoft is announcing British pound price changes to harmonise its prices for enterprise software and cloud services within the EU/EFTA region. Starting 1st January 2017, British pound prices for on-premises enterprise software will increase by 13% and most enterprise cloud prices will increase by 22% to realign close to euro levels. Therefore, if you are considering investing in Microsoft technologies you'd be wise to do this now and take advantage of current pricing levels for the term of yo...
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Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) to work was a concept a few years ago that is now mainstream in most businesses, both large and small, today. To use your personal smartphone, tablet or laptop for work seems increasingly natural. Employees are embracing this BYOD phenomenon without any serious reservations, but what about the impact this has on your business and the implications associated with data security?
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I recently had a celebration meal at a top name restaurant in Birmingham and whilst the food was very good, the service was quite poor. What really disappointed me though was that no-one seemed to care and we were never asked for feedback during the meal, at the end or even in the days afterwards. When we provide support to our clients, we always ask how they feel we performed. Almost always the feedback is very positive, but on the odd occasion a customer isn't delighted we get the opportunity ...
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We are delighted to announce that Microtrading have been voted the Best IT Support Solutions Provider in the UK for 2016 by the Technology Innovator Awards and CV Magazine. This awards programme turns the spotlight on the very best that the technology sector has to offer and it is a true honour for us to be recognised for our hard work and dedication to supporting our customers.
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