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Microtrading has a long and proud history that is unrivalled and the envy of other IT service providers. Our history and proven track record demonstrates our ability and pedigree as the best IT Partner for your Business.

In the late 1970's micro computers had, largely, not been heard of on this side of the Atlantic. Pioneers John Penlington and Roger Ball realised their potential and offered training courses to local businesses in the West Midlands. These sessions were quickly filled with high powered businessmen who wanted to know what these new devices would do for them. The courses were so successful that, in 1981, John and Roger formed Microtrading to sell Commodore computers to local businesses. The company was subsequently asked to become a Commodore Training Centre and, very soon, larger companies were asking Microtrading to supply them with computers, programmes, training and IT support services. As a result Microtrading became one of the very first true 'Total IT Solution Providers in the UK'.

Microtrading was contacted by Dixons, in those days a retailer that mainly sold photographic equipment, to provide IT Training Services for staff at their headquarters in Edgware, London. Microtrading provided Dixon’s training for over a year and also won contracts with Comet and other large companies. In 1984 Microtrading were awarded a coveted IBM dealership and were the first IBM dealer in the country without ground floor premises.  IBM had the idea that British business was run like the US, people walked in and just bought a computer off the shelf. However, this was not the case for the UK market and even back then Microtrading understood that offering a variety of IT Services to compliment the sale of a device was crucial to unlocking the full potential of the customers new investment.

Today, the business is run by Joint Managing Directors Neil Marlowe and Andrew Penlington, and continues to go from strength to strength. Focused on providing best of breed IT Services and Support to small and medium sized businesses that help reduce their costs and increase revenues. Microtrading has provided IT Services and Support to many prestigious clients including the British Sports Trust, Citroen, Federal Express, GKN, Marubeni Komatsu, Maserati, Nissan, Sport and Recreation Alliance, Toyota and UK Athletics to name but a few. This proven pedigree and track record of success, along with an unrivalled commitment to customer service and support, enables Microtrading's customers to grow their business through the use of the latest advancements in IT and technology.

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